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Concise and Precise Writing: Strategies Learners of

A precis should give all essential points so that anyone reading it will be able to understand the idea expressed in the original passage.Taking the main ideas of the passages as your point of reference, it should not be too difficult to write out the important points in the original in a corner of your writing work sheet.The water drop, embedded in the shell, became a pearl in due course.


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When you have made your second (or final) draft, carefully revise it before writing out the fair copy.

Paraphrase, Summary, and Precis – how to write them

Hmmmm ye sab masti hai sirf joining k pehle tak hi hai uske baad to bank work bank work bank work.Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser.As you read, find out the subject or the theme of the passage and what is said about the subject.Which was then discovered by diver and now after changing many hands, it ameliorates the persian crown.Free Pr Cis Writing Online Practice Tests. 0 Tests found for Pr Cis Writing.What is Precis writing and How to write it perfectly. Uses of...

A precis, on the other hand, must always be shorter than the original.Once a drop fell into the ocean and start cursing about its insignificant existence in the vast ocean.WPP (Writing Practice Program) enables students in Grades 3 - 12 to work on their writing skills at their own pace.

The simple tips in this lesson will help your writing come to life.High Level Logical Reasoning Test Series (Based on Latest Pattern).


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Concise and Precise Writing: Strategies Learners of English Can Use.

The Importance of Using Precise Language in Writing

It so happened that an oyster which lay in the neighbourhood of this drop chanced to gape and swallow it up in the midst of this his soliloquy.

A Precis is a shortening, in your own words, of a text of written work.F riends, this is the second practice exercise of our SBI PO Precis Writing series.How to write Precis and summary in perfect way with examples What actually precis and summary mean.

The exercises in this section provide opportunities for second language writers (ESL) of various proficiency levels to practice with paraphrase and summary writing.You are to describe as accurately and briefly as possible the substance or main ideas contained in a text.PRECIS WRITING Precis (pray-see, pl. pray-seez) writing is a basic and very useful skill.

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Process Analysis. Summary. antithesis Exercises from Writing with Clarity and Style--repetition (of words, sounds,.

Every writer of English should follow the guidelines laid out in Concise.

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Learn how to choose particular nouns and verbs that are active or that show precise states of.

It teaches you how to express your thoughts clearly, concisely and effectively.You learn to choose your words carefully and construct your sentences in a logical and concise manner.It will be a good thing if you find out the lead or the topic sentence.A precis is the gist of a passage expressed in as few words as possible.But Earth has vast areas of forest, mountains and desert which are almost totally inhabited.