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The French government was 4000 million livers in debt (Christopher Hibbert 1980 p.14). Besides the partial blames that Louis.During the fist couple of years they were married she became extreamly unpopular.Unit 3: The French Revolution. STUDY. short term causes of the french revolution.Louis XVI was unprepared for his role as king, and with the growing population of over 30 million citizens, the economic position of France could only get worse.

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French Revolution, being provoked by this collision of powers.

During that time, the political, social, and economic conditions were.

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But the extent to which it changed France in the long term, versus the.Louis XVI, who was of the royal house of Bourban, became the absolute monarch.

Financial debt of the government and the long -standing political.While it was declared to intimidate Paris, it instead propelled the angry radical nature of the French Revolution and led to the war between revolutionary France and counter-revolutionary monarchies.

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Long-term Causes of the French Revolution Everything previously discussed.

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French Revolution Causes. English 121 Final Term Paper (Hamlet).The French revolution took place in France from 1789 to 1792, during the reign of King Louis XVI.It threatened that if the French royal family were harmed, then French civilians would also be harmed.Lavish spending and irrational mistakes made by the royal family worsened the nations ongoing economic debt, installing fear and famine in the lives of French citizens.A proclamation issued by the Duke of Brunswick to the populace of Paris during the French Revolution.The 1789 French Revolution(Long time causes) ASSIGNMENT: THE 1789 FRENCH REVOLUTION ( LONG TERM Assignment MARKS:.In 1770 when Louis was fifeteen he married the fourteen year old Marie.Louis XVI, who was of the royal house of Bourban, became the absolute monarch of France when his grand father Louis XV died.

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In theroy France was a well united county but is was not really the Nobles were.Louis, but he had little or nothing to do with the lower class, he spent allot of time with.French economy. (Document 5) People in France became outraged by the debt and.The first estates were the clergy and priests, the second estate were the nobilities or nobles, and the third state were the bourgeoisie, urban labours and peasants.

Louis did know to much what was going on in the country in which he ruled.The revolution is considered one of the most important events in human history,.A law passed during the French Revolution that subordinated the Roman Catholic Church in France to the French government.It was this event that lit the spark for the Revolution of France.The causes of the French Revolution are complex and are. how women shared in the French Revolution and what long-term impact it.Check out this article to learn more or contact your system administrator.I LONG TERM CAUSES: 1. c. Support for the American Revolution was financed by loans creating an immense national debt.

Even though France was going through hard times the majority of people liked Louis, but he had little or nothing to do with the lower class, he spent allot of time with the Nobles of France and was generally surrounded by thousands of Nobles in the Palace at Versailles.So she had made it possible and made sure king Louis would get rid of Turgot and she would be happy and live the lavish life which added more debts to the country because all she did was care about what she wore and ate.Read Full Essay Now Read Full Essay Now Citation styles: APA MLA Chicago The Long Term Causes of The French Revolution. (1996, March 01).In the face of a changing world, the old order succumbed to its own rigidity, falling to the ambitions of a rising bourgeoisie.It will explain events that leaded up to the revolution and how they occured and caused the great revolution to happen.

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The American Revolution essay can. long-term causes as well. between the American and French Revolutions, the French Revolution following.

Louis did know to much what was going on in the country in which he ruled, especially in the Debt that France had.There were many causes that led to the French Revolution, but the primary cause was the social structure and others were maladministration, financial disorder, enlightenments, and interference in the American war of independence and.The influence dates back all the way to the Age of Enlightenment, the ideas definitely had an effect on the French citizens.

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More The French Revolution essays: How Louis Xvi Was Responsible For French Revolution In 1789, France was under a revolution.Some people criticized against the Philoshers because the thought that they.

Unfairness between Estates started to frustrate the people at the bottom of France.French were influenced by the new views of government and society and attempted to.The inequalities and inefficiencies seen in the ancient regime contributed to the French Revolution.