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I am extremely pleased with the cover letter and resume you produced for me.It gives me the confidence I will need to get myself noticed.

The quality has exceeded my expectations and I will share that with folks I mentor or colleagues looking for similar services. J.O., California Hooking up with Michelle Dumas and Distinctive Documents three years ago was like adding rocket fuel to my career trajectory Hooking up with Michelle Dumas and Distinctive Documents three years ago was like adding rocket fuel to my career trajectory.Marie is amazing.She asks great questions, making sure she understood, and even help me in my own thought process. Beautiful.

It is also located right here in XXXXX, about four miles from my house.Hi Michelle, Just wanted to update you that I have accepted a position with a consulting company that focuses on sales force effectiveness.This kind of resume is exactly what I need, but lack the experience, knowledge and time to create.

The one thing that expert resume writers do the same, is criticize other writers resumes.Visit Site DELIVERY Another great thing about RPW is their turnaround time of 2 to 5 business days.The end result was a high quality, highly profession document.Michelle - Thanks again for the services provided, although I will not have to use my resume at this time it is very empowering and encouraging to know that it is ready to go.Check top resume writing services review and choose the best writer who will create your winning application documents.This is a response to your query concerning the value of your service.Compare resume builders and read expert reviews on all of the best resume builder services, CV writing and cover letter writing services.They are willing to teach me the finance world since I bring so much technology and business operations experience to the table.

As my resume is reaching its final completion stage, I would like to thank you for your help.Of course I immediately gave him your name in the event that some of his clients might need your services.

We also offer customized cover letters and highly effective post-interview follow.You did a fantastic job and I am proud to present it to people.Resume Professional Writers assures you of job interviews within 60 days less.The documents you produced were far better than my originals and I feel were more than worth the price I paid for them.Prior to utilizing your services I had a good resume that was producing results, but after working with your firm I have a great resume that is formatted in way that clearly demonstrates my value to prospective employers in a way that separates me from most other job seekers.This leads me to believe that this particular employer took great credence on the ability of the resume to communicate in my absence.I was offered a position with XXXXXXXX as Senior Communications Associate.I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for all of your help.They are all very personable and professional and quite knowledgeable of the DCS products and services.

Hi Michelle, First, before I say anything else, I am very impressed by your documents.Very rarely do I encounter such great customer service and response times to inquiries.that alone sold me on your services.I will update my background with you every so often. L.W., Florida I was only out of work for 6 weeks and everyone said I had one of the best resumes they have ever seen.I could not have been in this position without your extraordinary crafting of my experience in such a compelling manner.

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He stated that he had never seen such a well phrased resume, and I told him how happy I had been with your services and turnaround. does not have anyone as experienced as you in this area.

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The job search went well, and I have accepted a position with XXXX as an Executive Consultant.I am truly thankful and feel very blessed to have had my search turn out this way.Thanks again. R.R., Massachusetts The content for the two versions of my resume was excellent.

I wanted to take a quick minute to thank you and your excellent associates for helping me in my job search.Regardless of me getting this job, I want you to know, what may seem a small amount of work for you has left me proud of my own abilities.I got a lot of attention from headhunters after the first wave of your blast e-mail.Last Monday I received a call from a low level recruiter that had read my old resume on the Institute of Packaging Engineers job site.The job search and interview process is stressful enough.your team takes so much of that away knowing that I can present a resume represents me and my accomplishments.I am passing on your information to my coworkers who hope to use your services.My background is a particularly difficult one to handle in a resume both due to my having multi-functional and multi-industry experience, and my having had 9 positions in 25 years, none of which could be eliminated due to my having started my career at the mid-management level after graduate school.Lisa produced a great product that is better than what I expected.

Friendly, professional, helpful and empathetic personnel at DCS. B.O., Colorado Thanks for writing a great resume.I wanted to thank you for your efforts with my resume and mailing.Also they had me fill out a questionnaire and their website only allows you to attach one attachment.If things unfold in a positive manner for their business over the next couple of months, they would like me to join them in assisting entrepreneurial businesses finance their expansion leveraging the international financial markets.