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Notice how the story is written to engage the heart of the reader and lead directly into a statement about the great accomplishments of Abraham Lincoln during his presidency.Your entire essay will be a response to this question, and your introduction is the first step toward that end. Try writing your introduction last.

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Depending on the topic of your essay and the resources you have available, it can be very effective to begin with a direct quotation from a relevant source on your topic that brings up key ideas or presents controversial opinions.Although definitions are extremely useful and it might serve your purpose to devise your own definition(s) later in the essay, you want to avoid using this hackneyed beginning to an essay.Opening essays with questions is dangerous because they only work if the question causes your reader to genuinely wonder about something.

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You, as the author, can then respond to them and establish your position in relation to this statement.How to Write a Descriptive Essay on any Topic. now all you need is to write your descriptive essay,.

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How to Write an Introduction to an Argumentative Essay - Duration:.Even experienced writers often struggle with writing introductions and conclusions.I might consider specifically mentioning that within the hub, because it would certainly work for hubbers, too.

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A good essay begins with an invitation into a rich discussion.He did not understand how history would remember Abraham Lincoln—as one of the greatest presidents in American history. College Application Essay Help, Sample

The following material is adapted from a handout prepared by Harry Livermore for his high school English classes at Cook High School in Adel, Georgia.I will be sharing this with my students - I completely agree with you on how not to start an essay.Particularly if your audience is a teacher or a professor, it is essential that you check with the instructor first before trying anything too crazy and creative.

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The first sentence is often the most difficult for any writer.This is usually done with the first sentence as well as your final statement.Writing a Research Paper. Writing the Introduction. Build your essay around points you want to make (i.e.,.

An introductory paragraph is often underestimated as a part of an essay. and write the introduction at the end,.

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An introduction reflects the readers what you have in the rest of the essay, article or paper.The writing is crafted in such a way that it sparks anticipation and excitement in the heart and mind of the reader.Making an essay interesting to read can be immensely valuable, but never lose sight of the fact that you are writing an essay—certain points must be clearly made and certain details must be directly addressed.

Essays How to Write a Summary, Analysis, and Response Essay Paper With Examples by Virginia Kearney 51.Free, printable worksheets to help students learn how to write great essay introductions. Click here.Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 2,849,767 times.

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The wrong way to begin an essay is to simply and dryly explain what the essay is about.How To Write an Introduction. Once you are ready to write your introduction:.

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When used well, they can bring profound interest and insight to a given topic.The trick to using them well is be sure that the nature of the symbol you use shares a great deal in common with the subtleties of the topic you are discussing.Introduction should be catchy enough that it grabs the attention of the.Keep in mind that, contrary to what is often taught in elementary school, the opening paragraph does not necessarily require a complete listing of the main points of your essay, though that can be helpful at times.

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Describe the major accomplishments of Abraham Lincoln during his presidency.Hooks can be created in an infinite number of ways, but here is a list of approaches that often prove valuable.More advanced writers should follow the same approach using deeper and more nuanced language.HubPages and Hubbers (authors) may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others.

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Essays 100 Science Topics for Research Papers by Virginia Kearney 88.Writing introductions for your articles is critical to getting people to read your content.